Why would anyone use an Anchor tripping aid?


Boats deploying an anchor always run the risk of it becoming fouled on the seabed - rocks, cables, wreckage etc. Some boats have a greater probability than others pleasure fishing boats, for example, can set an anchor several times in a day looking for good fishing grounds, and more particularly near seabed features which usually provide better fishing, thereby increasing the risk of fouling. Pleasure craft may not anchor as often but if a solution to free a fouled anchor was cheap enough, it would seem prudent to be prepared.





The Anchor Trip Link is designed to replace the bits of twine, wire, cable ties and chewing gum that are commonly used to provide a tripping action to a fouled anchor, with a mechanical version that provides reliability, repeatability and gives you control of its strength. All boat owners know about the problem of snagging an anchor on some kind of underwater obstruction, especially when fishing, some may have experienced it already but all will at some time. There are many homegrown ideas that aid recovery, there are even some very expensive ones, but now there is one that both inexpensive and simple to use......

Anchor Trip Link

Patents Applied For 


There currently are models for Kayaks plus small dinghies

and small craft up to 20 ft. Models for larger boats will be available soon.